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Vetreria Resanese has been skilfully working glass for more than due decades during which it has specialised in the creation of solid glass mass using pouring techniques.

From his vast experience could tell you which criteria are used to select the raw materials for the glass and how the various components must be perfectly dosed.

He could pause to describe the talent and skill of true Glass Masters that in a dance of movement perfectly synchronised extract the glass mass from the heart of the kiln at more than one thousand degrees to then pour it with great precision into the metal moulds that imprison it for a few seconds, whilst it is smoothed with loving care before being released in a state that ‘only appears solid’ and begins its slow process of adaptation to the normal external temperature.
He could explain the marvels of this material that with a thickness of just a few centimetres can resist the compression of thousands of kg whilst still having the same physical structure of candy floss, of how it is fascinating to think about its infinite viscosity.
He could tell you about the purity of the glass, authentically ecological in that it is completely recyclable.
However he would rather substitute words with the shapes skilfully created by his masters of glass.

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